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Seaside May Ask Hood To Coast To Pay More

The annual Hood to Coast relay race brings about 30,000 runners, walkers and their supporters to the Oregon coastal town of Seaside.

But now Seaside residents and business owners are hoping that the race can bring some more revenue to the city’s bottom line, as well.

Race organizers already donate $18,000 to the city.

And the Seaside Chamber of Commerce makes about $25,000 from beer sales during the weekend.

But business owners say the weekend has traditionally been one of the slowest of the entire summer. Many outside vendors set up tables on the beach, drawing visitors away from the town.

Residents also say there is a lot of noise associated with the event, a lot of garbage strewn around town and that the beach is left with ruts that make it difficult to navigate.

One former business owner says the city should charge $15 per runner, and spend the money on the local food bank, parks programs and programs for children.

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