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Seaside Sex Abuser Receives 25 Years In Prison

A Seaside man was sentenced to 25 years in prison Tuesday for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl.

Jeffrey Charles Smith, 40, pled guilty to eight counts of sodomy and was sentenced by Clatsop County Circuit Court Judge Philip Nelson.

Smith admitted to abusing the now 13 year-old victim. Her stepbrother witnessed the sex abuse and reported it to his mother and then police.

In January 2012, the Clatsop County Major Crimes Team, the Oregon Department of Human Services, Oregon State Police and Clatsop County Sheriff deputies investigated the claims and arrested Smith. Subsequent forensic interviews with the victim indicated that sexual abuse had been ongoing for a period of time.

Smith’s prison sentence fell under Measure 11, a ballot initiative passed by Oregon voters in 1994 that ensures a mandatory minimum sentence for violent crimes. His minimum sentence was eight years and three months. The Clatsop County district attorney’s office asked for the maximum sentence of 66 years.

Smith underwent a psychosexual evaluation in October, which Deputy District Attorney Ron Brown read from.

“He shows very little empathy for the victims in this case,” said Brown, after reading that the defendant felt tempted by the victim. “He’s in complete denial.

“He doesn’t see himself as any kind of a risk in the future. Well, the state sees it as completely the opposite.”

Brown asked for the full 66 years because the defendant is only 40 years of age.

“I see him as a big-time future threat to our community, or any community, if he’s ever released based on what he did and the amount of denial he has.

“We often see men who are still abusing into their 80s from time to time,” he said. “I would ask the court to put him away forever.”

Attorney Kristopher Kaino said he didn’t think Smith had ever blamed the victim and that he had taken full responsibility.

“My client has never denied the allegations,” Kaino said. “He indicated that it did occur.”

Judge Nelson allowed Smith to speak before sentencing. The defendant said he hurt the victim and hurt his family and said he was sorry.

Nelson said he didn’t understand what had changed since the October evaluation, stating that Smith didn’t seem remorseful then.

He said the evaluation’s “most concerning statement” was that Smith “continues to subtlety shift blame to her (the victim).”

Nelson told Smith that the victim would have to struggle with the after effects.

“Usually in this situation a lot of times it’s a train wreck for kids who have gone through this type of traumatic experience,” he said.

Smith’s 25-year sentence does not allow for the possibility of parole under Measure 11. As part of his sentencing, he is subject to postprison supervision and is not allowed to have contact with the victim. He will also be registered as a sex offender.

This story originally appeared in Daily Astorian.

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