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Sen. Wyden Mentioned In VP Debate

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden was referenced in the Vice Presidential debate fray Thursday night.


The Republican nominee for Vice President, Paul Ryan, has often brought up his work with Wyden on a Medicare position paper. And he did so again last night while debating Democratic Vice President Joe Biden.

Paul Ryan: “This is a plan that’s bipartisan. It’s a plan I put together with a prominent Democrat senator from Oregon.”

Joe Biden: “There’s not one Democrat who endorses it.”

Paul Ryan: “It’s a plan…”

Joe Biden: “Not one Democrat who (inaudible).”

Paul Ryan: “Our partner is a Democrat from Oregon.”

Joe Biden: “And he said he does no longer support (inaudible).”

Senator Wyden waded in after the debate on his Facebook page.

He worked with Ryan on a position paper late last year.  But he criticizes the current proposal from Ryan and Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

He says it differs from the Wyden-Ryan paper in significant ways. Wyden says, for example, that the plan “shreds” the safety net for so-called “dual eligibles,” those who are on both Medicare and Medicaid.

He writes, “The Romney/Ryan plan on Medicare is further proof that Mitt Romney is singularly unfit to end gridlock and bring bipartisan solutions to Washington.”

Ron Wyden

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