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Seneca Has FUN On The Half Shell

SENECA – Oyster lovers enjoyed a feast at the 22nd Annual Seneca Oyster Feed.

About 450-500 diners plated up their choice of steamed and fried oysters, along with side dishes, bread and beverages, at the all-you-can-eat event.

Carmen Turner who helps organize the event said that Pete and George Walker made the trip to Newport last Thursday and loaded a pickup full of oysters kept on ice Friday for the May 18 feed.

“We had to break into the ice to get to the oysters,” Turner said.

Those who don’t care for oysters were able to fill up at the hamburger stand.

Clouds held off light sprinkles until the afternoon, but the rain didn’t deter anyone, including children at the Seneca School PTA’s Kids Fun Day.

Winners of the day’s events include:

• Silvies River Reverse Draw Raffle – Teresa Aasness $500.

• Golf – 1st, Chris Gibson Sr., Chris Gibson Jr., Connor and Ryne Smith; 2nd, Mike McManus, Jeff and Justin Holder, Jeff Breedlove; 3rd, Mitch Saul, Brad Armstrong, Don Broemeling and Joe Humbird. (2nd and 3rd teams were tied for 2nd with McManus team winning the draw.)

• Softball – 1st, “Fun Times” of Central Oregon.


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