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Setting Priorities Ahead Of Fire Season

With predictions of a busy fire season ahead, forest managers in Lake County are trying to prepare communities for what may lie ahead.

U.S. Forest Service

Barry Shullanberger monitors wildfire conditions in Southern Oregon. He says the public is invited to a fire management workshop Tuesday night. He says difficult decisions will have to be made this fire season.

“Across the whole state of Oregon we’re looking at a very tough fire season. We had good snow in December but it didn’t snow much the whole year of 2013,” Shullanberger said. “If we have a fire on the ground, and it catches into some of these logs, they’re just going to burn up immediately.”

Shullanberger says the event will be a chance for landowners, firefighters, local leaders, and others to talk about priorities when a fire breaks out. In years past, he says the forest service has faced criticism for the way it has allocated resources to save property. He says the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management  hope conversations about priorities can happen before tensions are high as a wildfire is burning.

The Interactive Fire Risk Workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 25 at 1 p.m. at the Lakeview High School library.

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