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Sherwood Voters Oust 2 Council Members In Recall Election

Voters in the Portland suburb of Sherwood have voted overwhelmingly to remove two city council members from office. In unofficial results from the Washington County Elections office, roughly 75 percent of Sherwood voters decided to oust Jennifer Harris and Sally Robinson. Both were in the middle of four-year terms that would have lasted until January 2019.

The Sherwood resident who filed the recall petitions was upset the two council members wanted an out-of-state management company to run the city-owned recreation center. The recall petition also targeted Krisanna Clark-Endicott, the mayor of Sherwood. But Clark-Endicott chose to resign Oct. 2 rather than face a recall, and the mayor’s position remains vacant.

This is the third successful recall of elected officials in Oregon this year. On Sept. 19, voters in the Marion County community of Jefferson removed their mayor from office. And on May 23, voters in the Portland suburb of Gladstone recalled two city council members.

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