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Shutdown Affects Non-Federal Workers, Too

Government employees are not the only workers without a job during the shutdown.

Most furloughed federal employees have some hope of backpay when the government reopens. But that’s not the case for other workers who rely on federal resources.

Anna Semple is a faculty research assistant for a professor at Oregon State University.

“My building has been shutdown and the data that I work on has been shutdown,” says Semple. Both are federal. So even though I’m not a federal employee I can’t access my work.”

She analyzes data to look for earthquake and volcanic activity.

“So I’m just forced to take leave without pay, which is very unfortunate, especially before the holidays,” Semple says.

Other Oregonians who use data like census reports or labor statistics also told OPB the shutdown has hampered their work.

This story came to us via OPB’s Public Insight Network. Have you been affected by the shutdown? Share your experience through the Public Insight Network.

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