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Skydiving Company Sues Creswell Over No Parachuting Rules

A skydiving company has sued the city of Creswell, Ore., contending the city’s no-parachuting rules at the municipal airport have cost the company more than $700,000 over the past six years.

The Register-Guard reports that Eugene Skydivers filed suit Friday in Lane County Circuit Court.

The company accuses the city of violating a lease agreement when city officials outlawed parachute landing at Hobby Field in 2006. The ban went into effect after private pilots complained about nearly being hit by skydiving planes while flying near the airport, and after reports of skydivers jumping through clouds.

Eugene Skydivers has asked the Federal Aviation Administration to restore landing rights for skydivers at Hobby Field. A decision in that case is expected in November.


Information from: The Register-Guard,


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