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Smoke From Wildfires Is Expected In The Willamette Valley And Portland Area

Smoke from the wildfires in southwestern Oregon is expected in the Willamette Valley this week. The National Weather Service is forecasting a wind pattern change.

That’s expected to push the smoke north, into the Willamette Valley and Portland area.

Shawn Weagle is with the National Weather Service.

“We’re probably going to start to see a little bit of tinge in the skies and then it’s probably going to get a little bit thicker Wednesday into Thursday. It does not look like it’s going to be nearly as thick as what they’re dealing with down in southwest Oregon,” according to Weagle.

Weagle says the forecast for the Willamette Valley is hot and dry with an increasing chance of thunderstorms. He says Portland is not likely to see thunderstorms.

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