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So, Why Wasn't John Minnis Charged?

The former head of Oregon's public safety academy has so far avoided any criminal charges.  Prosecutors with the Oregon Department of Justice remained tight-lipped Wednesday about why they declined to pursue a criminal case John Minnis. 

He stepped down after a colleague accused him of making unwanted sexual advances.  Chris Lehman reports.

An unidentified woman who worked directly under Minnis accused her boss of pressuring her to have a sexual relationship.

That was revealed this week in documents released by the Oregon Attorney General's office. 

Despite the allegations, investigators from Oregon's Criminal Justice Division wrote in a letter to Minnis' replacement that they felt they were unable to prove Minnis committed any criminal acts in Oregon. 

Tony Green, a spokesman for Attorney General John Kroger, said Department of Justice officials would make no additional comments due to the possibility of a criminal investigation by San Diego police. 

That's where some of the alleged harassment took place.  But a spokeswoman for the San Diego police department said no investigation of Minnis is underway.

Minnis surrendered his police certification this week when details of the investigation were released. 

He's a former Republican state lawmaker and husband of former GOP House Speaker Karen Minnis.


Documents related to the investigation of John Minnis

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