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NW Hazelnut Company Opens All-Solar Processing Plant In Hubbard

Solar panels in the backyard of a NW Hazelnut Company processing plant.

Solar panels in the backyard of a NW Hazelnut Company processing plant.

Cooper Green/Statesman Journal

For the last few months, the hazelnut processing plant in Hubbard has been pushing out nuts on nothing but the power of the hot, summer sun.

The plant, owned by NW Hazelnut Company, is, according to co-owner Larry George, the first in the world to have solar panels that can provide all its energy.

“It’s a great marketing tool to be able to say to manufacturers, ‘Look at what Oregon is doing,’” George said.

Although the plant has been processing hazelnuts on solar energy since July 1, the ribbon cutting ceremony took place Sept. 1, commemorating the sustainability shift. The ceremony was attended by Gov. Kate Brown — noteworthy particularly because George was once a staunchly conservative state legislator — in a display of bipartisanship support of the efforts of clean power in Oregon industry.

Read more at the Statesman Journal.

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