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St. Helens Coalition Seeks Reconsideration Of School Gun Policy

A group of parents and former students in St. Helens is asking the local school board to reconsider its decision to let teachers carry weapons on school grounds.

The St. Helens school board voted last month to allow staff with concealed-carry permits to bring guns onto school property. That reversed a gun ban, from last March.

Now, a group calling itself St. Helens Coalition for Safe Schools is asking the board to slow down. 

Spokesman Sam Chapman says only some members want the ban restored, and others just have questions.

“If we are going to allow teacher to carry guns in schools - what kind of training are they going to have?” Chapman asks. “How much is that going to cost? Where is the money coming from? Has the school district inquired with its insurance carrier to make sure they’re OK with this decision?”

The St. Helens district’s response comes from a letter published last week. It says the district isn’t requiring or encouraging teachers to carry weapons and officials aren’t tracking who has concealed-carry permits.

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