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Standard Insurance Seeks IT Answers In India

Portland based Standard Insurance says it will outsource eight information technology jobs to India.
But other IT positions may also be cut in the future.

Standard Insurance was founded in Portland more than 100 years ago and has about 3000 employees nationwide.

The company is sending software work on its main frame computers to India because the technology is becoming obsolete.

Those losing their jobs are being asked to train their overseas replacements.

Company spokesman Bob Speltz confirmed the company is also looking at other cuts in IT.

That’s worried a number of the 350 people in the IT department.

Bob Speltz: “The assumption is that somewhere down the road our entire IT organization is going to vanish and somehow go to India and that’s not going to happen.”

Speltz says Standard Insurance will remain in Portland and that since 2005, about 430 jobs have been added locally.

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