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Portland Mayor Wants To Appeal Ruling That Police Must Reinstate Officer

Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Rob Manning/OPB

Oregon’s Employment Relations Board has ordered the city of Portland to put back to work an officer it fired for shooting an unarmed man named Aaron Campbell in 2010. But Portland Mayor Sam Adams says the employment board has made a mistake.

The board ordered the city to reinstate Ronald Frashour in 30 days. The ruling supports an earlier arbitrator’s decision. Mayor Adams is calling instead for a public hearing in the next 30 days. Adams says he will recommend to his fellow city commissioners that Portland appeal the ruling into the court system.

“It is time we test what we believe to be true: that it is the city council, it is the police commissioner, it is the chief of police, that manage the bureau, that set the codes of conduct for officer actions, including the use of force ­ not the labor unions and their connected institutions,” Adams said.

The city’s police union applauded the new ruling and is calling on the city to return Frashour to work. The union calculates the city has spent $750,000 to “keep Officer Frashour fired.”

Mayor Adams characterizes the spending as an “investment” in local control of the police bureau.

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