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State Fire Marshall Warns 'Keep It Legal, Keep It Safe'

With less than two weeks to go before the July 4th holiday, the State Fire Marshall is reminding Oregonians to take precautions when handling fireworks.  It’s launched a campaign called “Keep It Legal, Keep It Safe.”

Fireworks stand in Southern Oregon (file photo).

Fireworks stand in Southern Oregon (file photo).

Rebecca Roberts Galloway/OPB

Spokesman Rich Hoover says if you do plan on buying fireworks this year, make sure they’re from a legally-permitted fireworks retailer.  Items like bottle rockets, Roman candles and firecrackers are illegal in the state of Oregon.

Hoover says before you light any fireworks, make sure children and pets are at a safe distance.  He says it’s also a good idea to keep some water nearby.

“The other thing is we just want to make sure that if you do have any kind of incident, a fire or whatever, don’t hesitate to call the authorities.  And don’t try to put it out yourself necessarily.  But call 9-1-1, get the fire department in there.”

Hoover says different parts of the state have different laws governing where fireworks can be used.  He recommends checking with the local fire department to get information for your area. 

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