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State Of Oregon Web Site One Of Nation's Best

The web site of Oregon State government is among the nation’s very best, according to a new survey.

San Francisco State University, Rutgers and the University of New Jersey, looked at the web sites of all 50 states and graded them on factors such as usability, security and citizen participation.

Oregon came out second, just under Maine.

State government spokesman, Lon Hoklin, says having a good web site makes a real difference for people who need to deal with the state.

Lon Hoklin: “A web presence is becoming more and more of a factor, not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. It’s a doorway that people have into their government. A way that they can get services and information without having to visit an office.”

Oregon has 83 agencies that each need a presence on the web. The challenge has been to have them all look similar and work about the same way.


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