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Oregon Sees Steep Dropoff In Unemployment Checks

A new state report shows the cutoff of the thousands of unemployed workers whose benefits ran out. Federal aide expired at the end of 2013, and most received their last checks earlier this month.

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation program covered extra weeks of benefits for the long-term unemployed. But, it’s over, and more than a million people nationwide are now out of benefits.

The Oregon Employment Department reports that during the last week of the program about 20,000 federally funded checks were sent out. Then the following week, it issued fewer than 600 of the long-term unemployment checks.

Tom Fuller is with the Oregon Employment Department.

It’s a large drop,” says Fuller. “We’ve had a couple of these where a large number of people will drop off. But this is quite a drop off in terms of the sheer number of people not collecting benefits.

Fuller says some of the thousands of people whose federal benefits ran out were able to go back on to the state’s unemployment insurance trust fund.

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