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Commissoner Novick Tours Portland Streets To Stress Need For New Fees

Portland transportation commissioner, Steve Novick, toured several local neighborhoods Tuesday to highlight street maintenance and safety upgrades — and to stress the need for new fees.

There’s a stretch of road along Capitol Highway in southwest Portland that’s had a plan for a new sidewalk and bike route for 18 years.

Don Baack lives nearby and says people want to get around by bike and walking — but any tax increases to pay for it have to be carefully planned.

“We need to improve our streets and roads,” he said. 

“I think if we can figure out the equity that satisfies everyone, we’re all going to be supportive of it. The key question is are we going to ask a disproportionate amount of money from the people who really have had a time of making it now and not add onto that burden unduly.”

The city also launched a new website Tuesday where people can see some fee options and learn about street maintenance and upgrades.

Recommendations are expected to come before council in November.

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