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Stimulus Program Helps Homeowners Make Clean Energy Work

A Portland homeowner has made his house more energy-efficient, with the help of a pilot program called Clean Energy Works. It's a loan program funded with federal stimulus money. Barbara Leidl reports. 

People can face high costs upfront when trying to make their homes more energy efficient.  And often,they're on their own looking for the right contractorfor the job.

Clean Energy Works Portland made it a lot easier for 29-year-old Kevin Cote. He needed to replace the roof and siding on his house in Southeast.

Kevin Cote: "Though we knew that insulation was a great idea at the same time, just couldn't afford to do that part of it and that's right about when we learned about the Clean Energy Works Program and we went on the website and applied. Since then we've gotten the walls insulated, now the roof's getting insulated, so it really worked out well."

The program pairs a homeowner with an energy advocate who helps evaluate what needs to be done, and see the project through.

The costs can be repaid on utility bills. Kevin Cote expects that he’ll be paying about the same amount as now– he thinks the loan payments will be balanced out by the energy savings.

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