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Storm Large: Crazy Enough

The show Crazy Enough now at Portland Center Stage features two fascinating women.  One is Storm Large, the singer, songwriter and performer who wrote and stars in the show. 

The other is her mother, who passed away four years ago, and was mentally ill.  When Storm Large was 9, her mother was hospitalized for trying to hurt herself, and she remembers the conversation she had with the family doctor.

Oregon Art Beat Video

Storm Video
Watch Storm Large in rehearsal for 'Crazy Enough' 

Storm Large: "I said that’s not going to happen to me, right?  And he kind of quick and said 'Oh yeah, absolutely.  It’s hereditary.  This happens in families, it goes down generations.  So yeah, probably.  But not until you’re in your twenties, or when you have kids' ".

Geoff Norcross: "But to be told when you’re nine that what’s happening to your mother will probably happen to you.  I can’t imagine."

Storm Large: "Well, yeah.  I just thought it was normal.  I mean it scared me, but he just said it so casually, it was as if I was really supposed to know that.  That it wasn’t supposed to surprise me in any way.  You know, you are your mother’s daughter."

Crazy Enough flows from that idea: that Storm Large inherited just enough of her mother’s madness to lead her own rich artistic life.  The one-woman show is full of ribald humor and aggressive sexuality, but it’s also a touching remembrance of a tragic, flawed woman.

 - Listen to the interview

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