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Storms To Bring Much Needed Snow To The Cascades

After nearly a month of dry weather, it’s snowing again in parts of Central Oregon.

Fresh snow falls at Timberline Lodge after a long dry spell.

Fresh snow falls at Timberline Lodge after a long dry spell.

Sahalie Clapp

That was welcome news for skiers and snowboarders.  Mt. Bachelor received about half a foot of snow. Hoodoo ski area, outside Sisters, received about 3 inches, although still not enough to open for the season. 

The lack of snow has been a concern not just for skiers, but also farmers, many of whom are growing anxious about the coming irrigation season. 

Julie Koeberle is a hydrologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.  She says many parts of the Cascades have snow packs that are just one tenth of a typical year at this time.

Still, she says historical data suggest it’s not too late for a turnaround.  She says about half the snow accumulation season still lies ahead.

Snow at Mt. Bachelor Jan. 8.

Snow at Mt. Bachelor Jan. 8.

Courtesy Stirling Cobb/Mt. Bachelor

“So we’re in pretty bad shape but it’s not time to pull the alarm yet, although if we don’t get some recovery soon, we’ll be changing our tune,” said Koeberle.

Here in the Northwest, the National Weather Service is predicting a series of storms this week, with significant snow falling in the Cascades.  

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