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KTVZ: Studded Tire Season Approaches - With A Twist

Nov. 1 is fast approaching, the first legal day to have studded tires on your car, truck or SUV in the state of Oregon. This year, tire stores will be checking for pressure sensors, and it could be spendy to get them installed or fixed.

Some stores in Central Oregon say it’s becoming more and more of a common practice to enforce the 2007 law requiring vehicles with a tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) system to have pressure sensors in the tires.

“Some of the early dealerships and other stores were allowing customers to put snow wheels and snow tires on without it,” Bob Burks of Nelsen Tire Factory in Bend said Monday. “I wouldn’t say everyone, but some.”

Burks says the regulation is similar to when snow tires started to become popular.

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