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Study: Oregon To Add Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs By 2020

A new study out of Georgetown University predicts that Oregon will add hundreds of thousands of jobs by the year 2020.

There are currently about 1.7 million jobs in Oregon. But the study estimates the number of jobs will grow to about 2.1 million over the next seven years. 

Nicole Smith, a research professor at the university’s Center for Education and the Workforce, says many of those jobs will be in  healthcare, education, community services, and in businesses that require expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So a good education is key. 

Smith said, “As we move forward, the new jobs that are created require more education, they require more skill. And if you are to be really successful in those jobs, this is what you really have to do. You have to get more education to do that.” 

Jobs in arts, entertainment and recreation are expected to grow by 31 percent; healthcare by 30 percent; and mining and quarrying by 29 percent.

The slowest growth will be seen in agriculture, forestry and fishing. Those sectors are expected to grow by only two or three percent. 

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