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KOBI: Substitutes Prepare For Class Tuesday In Medford

Medford educators and district officials met over the weekend for 13 hours, trying to come to a bargaining agreement, but to no avail.

“Our focus now is to orient the teachers and support the start of the school on Tuesday,” said Medford schools superintendents Phil Long.

Medford teachers have voiced their frustrations over substitutes taking over the classrooms. Pascal-Jumeax Brasseur who’s a junior at South Medford High School, said the subs are making him feel uneasy.

“It’s like my main concern actually. I’m in A.P. classes and I’m not sure how it’s going to affect my grades and stuff like that,” Brasseur said.

But Long said subs are prepared. He even thanked some teachers who helped in making sure their classrooms will function without them.

“We had some of our teachers leave us pretty detailed lesson plans and I really admire that professional response,” Long said.

But some teachers say they want to get back into their own classrooms as soon as possible.

“We want the board to get back on the table and bargain now,” said North Medford High teacher Nance Louise.

Long said the next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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