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CenturyLink Joins The Race To Deliver Gigabites To Portland

Competition is building to deliver super-fast internet to residential customers in Portland.

CenturyLink general manager Chris Denzin

CenturyLink general manager Chris Denzin

Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB

CenturyLink announced Tuesday it will offer internet speeds of one-gigabit-per-second to residents for $79.95 a month when service is “bundled.”

The company joins Frontier, which just made a similar announcement, and Google which is considering the market.

Mayor Charlie Hales welcomed the announcement saying when internet service providers compete, Portland benefits.

“We are a burgeoning start-up economy here in Portland,” he said. “Everyday it seems like I meet another new business that’s starting here that depends on being able to be that local business with global access.”

Hales said he’ll work to make sure access is available to all Portland citizens.

CenturyLink general manager Chris Denzin said that Tuesday, the average home owns about three-and-a-half devices connected to the Internet. By 2020, he says, the average is expected to be about 20 devices.