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Survey: 6 Out Of 10 Teachers Regularly See Hungry Kids In Classroom

Oregon teachers say they regularly see students arrive at school hungry, because they’re not getting enough food at home.

A national survey by Share Our Strength finds that six out of 10 teachers regularly see hungry students. Part of the survey was done in Oregon.  Jessica Chanay Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon says underfed children can have problems in the classroom. 

She explained, “Sometimes kids are lethargic, they’re tired. Other times they’re irritable and they’re acting out. It can show up in emotional ways where kids just aren’t feeling good about themselves.  You know it may be that they’re not connecting the fact that they’re hungry to how they’re feeling.”

Chanay says many teachers keep nutritional snacks in the classroom, check in with kids, and help families enroll in school meal programs. 

The survey was conducted in more than 1,000 K-8 public schools and of the teachers who witnessed hunger, a majority said the problem is getting worse.



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