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'Tall In The Saddle' Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years Of The Pendleton Round-Up

CartoonsThe Pendleton Round-Up  celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.  To mark the occasion, the Oregon Historical Society is opening an exhibit Friday called Tall in the Saddle.

Visitors will see memorabilia from a century's worth of bucking broncos and roping tricks.

Exhibit curator Michael Bales says there's a focus on the early years.

Michael Bales: "The exhibit, of course, deals extensively with some of the early cowboys and cowgirls. A very big section on the early cowgirls, who I think are one of the most interesting parts of the Round-Up."

Federal Judge Milan Smith, brother of former Senator Gordon Smith and a native of Pendleton, says he thinks the exhibit captures the spirit of the Round-Up and brings back memories.

Milan Smith: "As a kid, I use to go up to Duff Severe's house and watch him work on saddles. And there is an exhibit that Randy Severe took from his father's collection and it's in there."

'Tall in the Saddle' runs through July 4th in Portland.  Then it moves  to the Pendleton area for the rest of the year. 

The centennial edition of the Round-up will be held in September.

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