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Teachers’ Union Staff On Strike Against Teachers’ Union

Oregon’s largest teachers’ union went on strike Monday.  But it won’t affect any schools.  Members of the union’s office staff are walking the picket line.  Salem correspondent Chris Lehman has more.

By most standards, it’s a small strike.  Forty-two employees of the Oregon Education Association are protesting their workload and benefits.  

The striking workers normally help teachers file grievances and negotiate new contracts.  This year they’re also helping organize opposition to ballot measures that the teachers’ union fiercely opposes.

Picketing outside the OEA’s Salem office, Paul Kyllo says he’s just practicing what he preaches.

Paul Kyllo:  “If I ever went to another local where I was assigned and told them to fight for their rights and they knew I had backed off it would be difficult for me to then get them to actually stand up for their rights.”

OEA director Jerry Caruthers says the strike won’t immediately affect the campaign plans.

The OEA recently made a $2 million contribution to defeat two initiatives sponsored by conservative activist Bill Sizemore.

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