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Third Contender Emerges In WA-3

A school administrator from Camas is promising to challenge the incumbent on economic and health care issues in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Elizabeth Uelmen went back to school as a single mother. Her struggles, she says, are a mark of her resilience, and she says they gave her experience needed to represent Southwest Washington.

Camas resident Elizabeth Uelmen is an associate principal at a middle school in Vancouver.


Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler will defend her seat in Congress as she completes her first term this year. Uelemen is a Democrat. She says she’s bothered by the company the incumbent keeps.

“She is part of a party that supports Paul Ryan’s budget,” Uelmen said. “That’s going to put people in poverty. She is also part of a party who has spent the past two years defending those tax breaks for the wealthy. “

Uelmen says her economic platform involves bolstering the infrastructure of the region.

This is her first run for public office. Her husband is active in the Vancouver Firefighters’ union.

Another Democrat, John Haugen, has also announced his candidacy.

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