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Three Quit 'Just Out' Newspaper As Financial Problems Take Toll

Three employees have resigned from the Portland-based newspaper Just Out. April Baer reports their departure stems from apparent financial problems at the paper.

Just Out covers Portland's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. The paper is published twice a month, and at 25 years old it's one of the survivors among small Oregon newspapers.

But now, news editor Jaymee Cuti, arts  and culture editor Jim Radosta, and art director Blake Martinez have all quit. They say they haven't received full paychecks since January 20th.

Just Out's publisher, Marty Davis confirmed that she'd fallen behind on payroll, but said all wages due for remaining staff are now paid up. She says the paper's next edition will be published on schedule.

Marty Davis    "There's a lot of other newspaper people out there that have been laid off from other publications. They'll be coming to my door looking for jobs. They'll be hired, the paper will go on."

Just Out made headlines itself earlier this year when it published a strongly-worded editorial calling for the resignation of Portland Mayor Sam Adams. At least one advertiser publicly stated she'd take her business elsewhere as a result.

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