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Three Students Arrested In Woodburn High School Fire

School administrators say they hope to have a plan by Monday afternoon for activities at Woodburn High School. The building was charred by a four-alarm fire on Friday.

Three students have been arrested in connection with the fire.

School Board Chair Eric Morris says the entire community was shocked  to hear police believe three sophomores may have been responsible for the fire. Classes are cancelled at least through the end of this week.

“We know the damage is really bad. I think fire crews and insurance people and top staff were in there Saturday morning, trying to get an assessment of what’s usable and what’s not,” Morris said.

Morris promises the district will, in his words, “move heaven and earth” to make sure seniors can graduate on time. Beyond that, he says it’s very hard to say exactly what the future holds for the rest of the school year.

Morris says staff intends to brief students and families about sports, school music events, and the prom by Monday afternoon.

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