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Tidal Energy Company Withdraws Permit Request

The company that was planning to build two tidal energy projects on the coast of Washington and at the mouth of the Columbia River, has withdrawn it’s permit request.  Oregon Tidal Energy asked the federal government for permission to place underwater turbines on the river bottom last spring. 

Now, the company has dropped those plans. Oregon State University engineering professor, Ted Brekken says he doesn’t think it’s a sign ocean-based energy sources are losing momentum.

Ted Brekken: “On the wave energy side we haven’t seen any indication of reticence on the part of any of these companies. Everyone is very enthusiastic, and not only are we not seeing companies fall away, we’re seeing more and more companies enter the fray all the time. And companies you know with some fairly significant funding sources and financial backing.”

Oregon's first commercial wave park is expected soon. Ocean Power Technologies is planning to place about 14 buoys off the Oregon coast in 2009 or 2010