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Tidewater Increases Stake In Columbia River Shipping

An agreement is in place that would make Tidewater Bargelines one of just two barge companies shipping fuel and grain to and from the Upper Columbia River and Snake River area.   Andrew Theen reports.

Tidewater reached an agreement with Foss Maritime Company to buy 2 tugs and 20 barges.  Foss is one of its primary competitors.

The deal doesn't put Foss out of business, but it appears Foss is yielding the Columbia River in favor of oceanic pursuits.

Dennis McVicker is the President and CEO of Tidewater Barge Lines.  He said both companies work in the same area, and the deal makes sense.

Dennis McVicker: "I think we are going to be able to gain some efficiencies by not having two boats in the same region handling the customer's business where we can  just have one boat in that area."

Tidewater is one of eight companies bidding for a lucrative decade-long agreement to ship Portland's waste out to Gilliam County, but McVicker said Tidewater's priortiy right now is its existing customers.