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Tigard's Transportation Ballot Very Close, Some Votes Being Challenged

Early returns show a Tigard transportation ballot measure is very close, but about 120 votes are being challenged.

Ballot measure 34-210 would require the city to adopt a public policy to formally oppose MAX light rail and other forms of high-capacity transit without a public vote.

The latest numbers show “Yes” votes outpacing the “No’s” by nearly 200 votes. But county officials say some of the votes are being challenged. The challenges are for two reasons: some people forgot to sign their ballot and the signature on the ballot does not match the one on the registration file.

Mickey Kauai is with Washington County Elections. She says the city will notify voters if they have to fix their ballots. They have 14 days to do so.

We have a maximum of 20 days to certify an election. And if folks have 14 days to resolve their problem, we won’t be able to certify before that.

Kauai says the latest the county can determine the election result is March 31.

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