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Tim Eyman Reacts To Washington Income Tax Ballot Measure

Washington anti-tax activist Tim Eyman is criticizing a proposed income tax ballot measure.

Eyman says he fully expects Initiative 1077 will qualify for the November ballot. The measure would tax couples making more than $400,000 a year.

Property-owners and small businesses would get some tax relief. But Eyman warns it could lead to an eventual across-the-board income tax in Washington.

Tim Eyman: “It is the Holy Grail for progressives. They've wanted it for years. But the problem is that it's just a Pandora's Box. That once you give the state the power to be able to tax everyone based on income, they're going to tax everyone based on income.”

Supporters of Initiative 1077 include the father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Labor unions and education advocates are also behind it.

They estimate the new high-earners' income tax would bring in a billion dollars a year. That money that would be earmarked for education and health care.

If the measure gets on the ballot and passes, it would almost certainly be challenged in court on constitutional grounds.