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Timbers Welcome New Coach

The Portland Timbers introduced Caleb Porter Tuesday as the team’s new coach.

New Portland Timbers coach Caleb Porter. Photo courtesy Portland Timbers

New Portland Timbers coach Caleb Porter. Photo courtesy Portland Timbers

The Timbers announced they were hiring Porter last summer. But Porter wanted to finish the fall soccer season in his old job – at the University of Akron, before coming to Portland.

Porter says as a college coach with a stable job at Akron, he didn’t have to jump into Major League Soccer. But he says he was ready to leave when the Portland job became available. 

“You know, in some ways, I was uncomfortable being comfortable at Akron. I was ready, antsy, eager, for that next step. I felt like I belonged here in Major League Soccer as a coach.”

The Timbers are coming off a losing season. It’s the team’s second season in Major League Soccer.

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