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Time For A 3-Month Review: Mayor Hales On Think Out Loud

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales has been in his new job for almost three months now.  He was a guest on OPB’s Think Out Loud Tuesday morning, to review his work so far. 

Michael Clapp/OPB

One subject he touched on was where to draw the line between the city’s responsibilities, and those of Multnomah County and other entities.  

A report released by the Portland Auditor called on the city and Multnomah County to clarify their core functions.

Hales told Think Out Loud host Allison Frost that work is overdue.

Hales said it’s possible that some of Portland’s bureaus could be consolidated at some point, but not in the current budget.

Later in the conversation, host Allison Frost asked Hales if there were surprises about being mayor, after having been a Portland City Commissioner earlier in his career.  He said yes.

You can hear the entire conversation online at

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