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Trade Mission Will Focus On Bringing Oregon Dairy Products To Asia

Representatives of Oregon’s Dairy Industry will be in Seoul, South Korea Friday to kick off a 12-day trade mission across Asia.

The trip is being put on by the Oregon Dairy Products Commission, in conjunction with the state Department of Agriculture.

ODA spokesman Bruce Pokarney says markets in Asia represent huge growth opportunities for Oregon dairy producers.  He says that’s especially true for cheese and ice cream.

Pokarney expects members of the delegation will spend much of their time forming new relationships.  But he says they’ll also be studying the tastes and habits of potential customers to find out what they like, and what they don’t like.

“You know decades ago, it used to be, ‘Here’s what we produce. Take it or leave it.’  And that’s all changed now.  It’s doing this reconnaissance and learning how do those folks want it.  What can we do to make it in a way that will sell very well over there,” says Pokarney.

From South Korea, the delegation will move on to Hong Kong and Macau, both of which serve markets in China.  After that comes the final stop: Tokyo, Japan.

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