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Trail Blazers Implement New Ticket Pricing System

The Portland Trail Blazers are taking a new approach to selling single-game tickets this season. A method known as “dynamic pricing” will now determine ticket values.

Dynamic pricing means that there’s no set price for single-game tickets. Instead, mathematical formulas will set different prices for each game. Variables like “Opponent” and “Day of the Week” will move the price up or down.

Vincent Ircandia is with the Trail Blazers. He says the new pricing system online shows the face value of any single-game ticket.

“And now competing with the secondary market, where there’s a lot of reselling going on, we need to be able to compete in terms of ticket pricing on a nightly basis. So in the past, if we didn’t have the opportunity to reduce our price for a weaker opponent, let’s say, our fans might go to a secondary site,” Ircandia said.

Buyers can now access a page on the team’s official website and see what ticket prices are for any particular game. Each week, throughout the season, new prices reflecting the current information will be posted.

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