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Transfer Students Eligible For Associate Degrees With PSU, PCC Deal

Portland Community College and Portland State University signed a policy Thursday that will offer Associate degrees to students who transfer from PCC to PSU.

PCC and PSU now have a reverse transfer agreement. It will grant students who have completed enough credits an associate’s degree. The reverse transfer agreement program was made possible by a two-year, $450,000 grant from the Lumina Foundation.

Sean Jefferis is the student representative for PSU. He’s benefiting by the legislation. Jefferis says it’s given him a huge sense of accomplishment.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to show the importance of receiving your associate’s degree especially in this day and age. And to show that there is a plan and an intent to take meaningful classes and this has a meaningful impact on our lives and our educatiom.” he said.

Michael Dembrow is the state representative who helped draft the bill in Salem. He says it’s part of the state goals called “40-40-20.”

The aim is to see 40% of students earn a 4-year degree, 40 percent get a 2-year degree, and 20 percent to at least graduate high school by 2025.

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