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Treasurer Wheeler Says Oregon's IT Woefully Out Of Date

Oregon’s Treasurer says the state’s information technology system is woefully outdated and needs attention. Wheeler made the comments on Monday’s “Think Out Loud” program.

Wheeler sidestepped questions about the troubled Cover Oregon website, but said the state has neglected other less publicized computer issues.

“We still have agencies that are working on DOS, Fortran, COBOL. If you know what I’m talking about you’re probably 50 or older,” he said.

Wheeler says it’s hard to get the resources to fix the problems that come with using outdated systems that sometimes aren’t even serviced by the companies that created them.

He added that state of the art technology actually lowers costs and serves citizens better than older systems, and that the state should start investing in IT the way a private sector company would.

Wheeler says he doesn’t blame any one person for the problem but he says various agencies, leaders and legislatures over the years have ignored the need for IT and computer upgrades.

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