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TriMet And Drivers' Union Talking About Talks

Contract talks between TriMet and its drivers’ union were scheduled to begin  Friday. But a dispute about the talks is getting in the way.

The two sides disagree over whether discussions should be conducted in private, or in public.  Such talks in Oregon tend to held in private.

The Amalgamated Transit Union wants public negotiations. Bruce Hansen is the union president.

“The union’s position is that we want the public involvement in this.  And at this point, TriMet and us – and the union – have not come to that conclusion yet. So we’re going to let the court system decide for us.”

TriMet had been planning to start private talks Friday. But officials sent a message to union leaders Thursday, agreeing to let a judge settle the question of whether talks are public or private, when the two parties disagree. 

TriMet letter to Amalgamated Transit Union


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