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TriMet To Expand And Extend Bus And MAX Services In September

By Meerah Powell (OPB)
Aug. 20, 2019 7:21 p.m.

The Portland metro area’s public transit system is rolling out expanded bus service and adjustments to its MAX train schedule.

Starting Sept. 1, all of TriMet’s MAX trains will arrive to their stops two minutes later, in an attempt to help make connections easier for commuters traveling through the Beaverton Transit Center.


“Because our system is so interconnected, we can’t just adjust schedules on one or two trains; we have to adjust them system-wide,” said Tia York, public information officer for TriMet.

TriMet is also making a route adjustment to bus line 19, which runs from Mt. Scott Boulevard in southeast Portland into downtown and up into northeast Portland’s Gateway Transit Center.


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“We’re taking it out of a notoriously congested section of Portland between the Ross Island Bridge and Interstate 405, and we’re moving that section just a little bit north,” York said. “That’s really going to help speed up trips for riders who use that bus line.”

Service will also be expanded for other bus routes. TriMet is adding Sunday service to line 30, which travels between Clackamas Town Center and Estacada, and line 32, which travels between the Oregon City Transit Center and Clackamas Community College.

York said that means both of those lines also get holiday service, as TriMet buses use Sunday schedules on holidays.

Line 74, a bus line that York calls “critical” for far-east Portland, will also be expanded. That line runs north to south on 162nd Avenue. It’s getting Saturday and Sunday service.

“In addition to expanding service, we’re also improving service — making transfers easier, shortening wait times and just giving our customers a better overall experience,” York said.

For a full list of service changes starting on Sept. 1, York recommends commuters visit TriMet's website.