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TriMet LIFT Tickets To Cost More Starting Monday

Tickets for TriMet’s LIFT system increase by 30 cents on Monday. And this isn’t expected to be the last hike — another increase is on the cards. 

A TriMet LIFT vehicle.

A TriMet LIFT vehicle.


The LIFT paratransit service is a system of small buses that come directly to your door. They’re for people with disabilities who can’t get to a fixed-route TriMet bus or train.  Facing deep budget cuts last year, TriMet’s started to increase fares.  LIFT tickets have risen now from $1.85 to $2.45. 

Spokeswoman Roberta Alstadt said that’s still a good deal. “The actual cost of a ride to TriMet is about $30,” she said. “And our fares on the LIFT are lower than many of our peer agencies.” 

The increase was proposed last year. At that time, people with disabilities testified that they were on fixed incomes and could not afford to pay more. 

Alstadt said TriMet plans to increase the LIFT fare to bring it in-line with the fare seen on fixed-route buses and trains. That fare currently stands at $2.50.

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