After a one month delay, the TriMet Board of Directors unanimously approved an ordinance reaffirming its authority to require and collect fare from passengers.

The vote at the Nov. 13 meeting was unanimous. Passage was delayed at the board’s Oct. 24 meeting when only director Kathy Wai, representing District 7 and Clackamas County, voted no. Because the ordinance has been submitted as an emergency ordinance to take effect immediately after passage, it required a unanimous vote for approval at the previous meeting.

The ordinance was written and submitted to the board in response to a ruling by a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge who found one random fare inspection on a TriMet MAX light-rail train to be unconstitutional. Other court ruling’s had upheld TriMet’s enforcement authority. The ordinance is intended to clarify TriMet staff’s ability to conduct ongoing requests for proof of payment.

The revision to TriMet Code adds further detail about those authorities to clarify that fares are required on all TriMet buses and trains, and on rail platforms, and that those who ride our transit system have a responsibility to show a valid fare when requested.

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