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Troutdale Joins Opponents To Multnomah County Gun Restrictions

The city of Troutdale has joined the opposition to a gun control law adopted by Multnomah County last year. The law bans the open carry of most loaded guns in the county, and it requires gun owners to keep their guns locked up and away from children.

The Troutdale City Council passed an emergency law Tuesday night, requiring Multnomah County to seek approval from the council before enforcing its gun control law, or any other county law, within the Troutdale city limits.

Troutdale also asked to file a friend of the court brief in a lawsuit filed by five Multnomah County residents challenging the county’s gun law.

Their suit went to trial today. Their attorney, Bruce McCain, argued that the county overstepped its authority by declaring gun law was enforceable within city limits.

County Attorney Jenny Madkour argued that the state constitution gives the county broad power to make and enforce laws countywide. She agreed, though, that in the past the county has rarely enforced its laws within cities without their permission. But she said that was due to policy, budget, and political decisions.

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