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Tsunami Experts Working On More Safety Details For Boaters

Experts are working to give boat captains better information on where to go in the event of a tsunami.

Boat owners don’t like to leave their vessels in the harbor during a tsunami, because even a small event can create strong currents that bash them together.

The tsunami created by the earthquake off Japan in 2011, took many hours to arrive, giving boaters time to sail a couple of miles off shore - to the recommended depth of 180 feet.

But Rick Wilson with the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, says in the event of tsunamis that are small and created far away, boaters need more detailed advice.

“Our objectives here are to try to provide better information in the future so that they can plan for tsunamis of different sizes,” said Wilson.

For a big local quake, the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industry says boaters have 30 minutes or less to get to 600 feet of water — that can be 20 to 40 miles off-shore.

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