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Tsunami Signs Stolen On Oregon Coast

Authorities say tsunami warning signs along Oregon’s coast are being stolen.

Replacement signs are being put up to reflect new information on what areas tsunamis have inundated in the past.

The signs show a series of waves, growing ever larger.  Some also include a stick figure running away, up a hill.

Disaster expert James Roddey says they’re unusual and public works staff  have to use special bolts to keep them from being stolen.

“It’s really amazing. And I’ve even heard of people driving a pick-up over to a sign, chaining the sign up, attaching the chain to the pick-up and then driving off so they can pull the sign out of the ground.”

Peter Ovington with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries says some signs have been stolen. But he says it’s not a big problem. And that it’s more important that the agency is providing cities with better signs.

Those indicate the new evacuation routes and assembly points that have come to light as a result of new tsunami maps.

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