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Tuesday Is Last Day To Comment On Oregon's New Healthcare Plan

The consumer group, OSPIRG, says Oregon’s proposed new healthcare plan could cut medical costs by more than $5 billion over 10 years. As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, Tuesday was the last day for the public to comment on the draft plan.

The plan was created by the Oregon Health Fund Board at the request of the last legislature. It proposes a comprehensive shake-up of the way Oregonians get care.

For example, it advocates free healthcare for all children and low-income adults — by increasing taxes on hospitals and HMO’s; finding efficiencies; and leveraging more money from the feds.

Health board director, Barney Speight, says he’s getting all kinds of comments.

Barney Speight: “While there may be an agreement on ‘we need to change the system.’ I think a lot of stakeholder groups are trying to figure out well, what’s the first best step to take in that change?”

The plan is expected to be voted on in the next legislature. But with the nation’s economy looking uncertain, it’s not clear how much money will be available to restructure the healthcare system.

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