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Mayor of Turner Thanks Responders

The Mayor of Turner gave an emotional thanks to emergency responders on Friday for helping evacuate his flooded town without any reported injuries. Mayor Paul Thomas says about 120 people were helped out of Turner ahead of the high water. Officials estimate another 100 people received help so they could stay in their homes, safely. Thomas says responders endured flooded roads to rescue people in the middle of the night.

The Mayor of Turner expressed gratitude for the emergency response to flooding in his community.

Rob Manning / OPB

“The only road in, or out, was covered. So, these people stood in the running water, and used their flashlights – I’m sorry – to guide us out,” said Turner, choking up. 

Governor John Kitzhaber visited Turner Friday and said the state was working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to get assistance to the flooded city. Kitzhaber declared emergencies for four Oregon counties yesterday on Thursday, including Marion County, where Turner is located.

“We know that we’ve got our water and sewer working, and our water is safe. We did have some issues there, initially. The city infrastructure is in good shape. It’s unfortunate - we may get help from FEMA, and those kind of things, but in the end, people are going to have to bear some of the burden of the costs themselves,” said Turner.

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